I am Toby

Hi there! My name is Toby. I'm 3 parts Poodle, 1 part Shih Tzu and all brown fur. I live with Daddy John, Mommy Michele and Mommy's sister Crystal. Daddy and Mommy absolutely adore me, although I don't quite know what to think when Daddy calls me '3 black dots in a sea of brown'. I think it's a reference to my black eyes and big black nose. Welcome to my little blog. I'll try to update it as often as possible to keep your little doggy paws out of mischief. Woof!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Guess what i did?

One day, while Daddy and Mommy were conveniently out for way too many hours, i got bored and frustrated. Jumping around the room i seem to be always in, i caught one end of the toilet roll and proceeded to make a piece of abstract art.

My masterpiece wasn't quite complete. Until i realised it created more depth and an Impressionists'-like texture with my toys, Mommy's slippers and just about anything i could get my paws and teeth on.

I quite like what i've done. Can't understand why Daddy and Mommy were so angry at me when they got home though. It's art guys! Art!

Disastrous Mess


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