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Hi there! My name is Toby. I'm 3 parts Poodle, 1 part Shih Tzu and all brown fur. I live with Daddy John, Mommy Michele and Mommy's sister Crystal. Daddy and Mommy absolutely adore me, although I don't quite know what to think when Daddy calls me '3 black dots in a sea of brown'. I think it's a reference to my black eyes and big black nose. Welcome to my little blog. I'll try to update it as often as possible to keep your little doggy paws out of mischief. Woof!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Toby ver 2.0 - the one with the hair

So a lot of people have been asking how I looked like now, after the rash and hair debacle last month. Well, guess what, Daddy and Mommy felt that a proud puppy like me cannot be seen walking around the streets of Brunswick with half a haircut.*

Anyway, this is how I look these days. Daddy and Mommy have instructed the nice lady at the pet shop to trim off all my body hair to accomodate the short half of my hair cut. Daddy took this picture in Crystal's room, while I'm busy doing what I do best: stare at the tennis ball and hoping someone would throw it so I can pick it up, drop it at their feet and do it all over again.

I don't look too bad now aye?

This is probably what Daddy sees when he looks down at me sternly with his manly voice, telling me to behave.

Well, the short hair cut is not well appreciated among my puppy walk community. It's winter now and all my friends are laughing at my bald state. Well just you wait doggies! Give me another three months!

* Has anyone seen Daddy's haircut these days? He's got this half-head shaved mullet-emo thing going. No dog deserving of a Daddy will have a Daddy looking like that! Daddy, get a makeover!


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